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Town Hall building begins to reveal what's being created inside!

A new Bistro on the ground floor, the Civic Hall on the first floor,The new spiral stair case up to the Attic ready for the holiday let.

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Data recovery - Back up data - local firm Griffin Forensics has the info!

A recovery may be required due to physical damage (such as failed electronic components, water/flood damage, fire/smoke damage) or logical damage to the file system cause....  »Read more

Remember that HMRC will no longer accept payments by personal credit cards


You won't be able to pay with a personal credit card from 13th January 2018 and you can no longer pay via the Post Office

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Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!!

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Brackley - know your Library - you may be amazed with what you find!!

 After visiting our Library on Manor Road for the Country Market last Saturday, although I had been there many times, I had a good look around!! There is so much more going on than all the books.....  »Read more

Brackley Library - Act now to SAVE the Library


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