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Data recovery - Back up data - local firm Griffin Forensics has the info!

A recovery may be required due to physical damage (such as failed electronic components, water/flood damage, fire/smoke damage) or logical damage to the file system caused by bad or unreadable sectors or firmware corruption that prevents the user from accessing the stored data. 

Back-ups are an essential part of running a computer. You do not need to have any expensive equipment in order to have a good back up routine; burning important files to a CD/DVD could mean the difference between data loss or your business getting back up and running after a failure. You can also back your data up to an external USB hard disk drive, tape media or use an online storage facility. Remember that backing up your data is only the first step; you must check your back-ups regularly to ensure they contain what you think they do!

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on a personal note - soooo many times I have fallen foul of not doing the simplest of back ups and really understanding what it actually means!! Jan

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